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Area dedicated to the installation of our showcases. Do you want to publish the Tecfrigo product of your business? Send photos and data to see them online in this space.

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Mono with balloon and turquoise interior, was considering it too, but like Alexis waiting for Mon Mono, but bought pochette (mono) and key-holder (damier), they are the cutest!! LV Travel Bags


Hahah can I be your cousin! I want my cousing to be cool like that!! What a sweet cousin!! I love it all!! LV Bags

 Both! LV Outlet 

I am not that into LE before, but after going through TPF, just found some gorgeous LE's that I didn't know I would learn to love, watercolour is one of them, waiting for mine in the mail and my future kalahari pm, yay me...For me, I love some LE's but not all of them. LV Monogram


LV Wallets Congrats!! I like how Wilshire looks on you!

 LV Damier They're very beautiful pieces! You definitely deserve them!! Congrats! 

LV Monogram Congrats. They look lovely!


Louis Vuitton Store 31 and it was a Mono Speedy 25 from my dh for our anniversary!