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Certification of the quality


Purpose of certification and field of application


Tecfrigo Spa - TUV SINCERTThe certification of the Business System of management for the Quality of the Cold Master has the purpose to guarantee the quality in general of the furnished product as a rising, in its ideation, development and manufacture, from a complete trial, as well as to guarantee that such trial is sustained by an effectiveness organization conforming to the An ENs ISO 9001:2008.


Sections and directives of the Manual of the Quality express the Cold Master in its organizational structure for the quality, in its technical applications, in the satisfaction of the demands of the peculiar market and product, in the pursue/maintenance of the certification of its own system of management for the quality.


Field of of application of the certificate it is the following:

Planning, production and assistance for refrigerated, neutrals and hot exhibitors. In effects, to provide the demands of the An ENs ISO 9001 implicates, for the system of management for the quality, the stretch acquisition of the order of the products to the after-sale assistance through the intermediary trials of planning and realization of the activities of project, of management/logistics, of production/assemblage, of finishing and testing.






Cold Master is also certified according to standards:


The CE mark is a mark to be affixed on the product by the manufacturer, that it self-certifies compliance (or compliance) with the essential requirements for the marketing and use in the European Union. The affixing of a trademark is required by law in order to commercialize the product in the acceding countries to the European Economic Area (SEE).

The products marked with TECHNICAL REGULATION are in conformity with the applicable standards and have received a certification TECHNICAL REGULATION from a certified office.

The UkrSEPRO certification is the certification system of Ukraine. The UkrSEPRO certificate is a document released by the Ukrainian authorities with the aim of proving the compliance with laws and standards of quality and security during the production of goods and the supply of services. The certificate is requested at the customs when goods enter Ukraine and when goods are sold or delivered to the customer. The certificates with validity of 2 or more years need inspection at the production site, along with verification of the production cycle and of compliance to security standards of the good.


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