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Lines Tecfrigo Spa    Frostemily

Customer Satisfaction


Know to improve: evaluation questionnaires.


Cold Master provides the tool for online surveys to learn more about the evaluations of our products by customers and improve, and to acquire specialized collaborative force with the best suppliers. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Important! Before completing the questionnaires read our No 192 DLGS 30.06.2003


Customer Data
Full Name of the compiler, Mrs. / Mr. *
Address, ZIP code, city and state *
E-mail *
Evaluation of product / service Tecfrigo compared to the market and expectations
1) Facility to arrive in seat TECFRIGO and/or of the retailer
2) It is easy to reach Tecfrigo by phone, fax, e-mail, web site
3) Courtesy of Tecfrigo’s staff
4) Supplying modalities (packing, transport, etc) are satisfactory
5) Maintenance manuals are able to satisfy the first requirements
6) Tecfrigo’s able to keep supplies requirements
7) Availability to receive the customer’s requests, even the latent ones
8) Information is timely and effectually communicated
9) Possible changes in delivery dates are timely communicated
10) Documents are complete and satisfactory (transport docs, invoices, etc)
11) Warranty terms are satisfactory
12) After-sale information is quick and satisfactory
13) The clean, ability and competence of the attendance staff are adapted?
14) The supply of the spare parts is well-organised and punctual
15) Tecfrigo’s range is wide enough to satisfy your market requirements
16) Product features are adequate
17) The maintenance of Tecfrigo’s product is easy and ergonomic
18) Evaluation on product’s shape and image
19) Evaluation of Tecfrigo’s brand and product on the market
20) Tecfrigo’s products quality vs. price
21) Tecfrigo’s ability to act as a “consultant”
22) Respect of the safety/environmental measures
23) Tecfrigo’s care for QUALITY of the product/service
We acquire directly from Cold Master (referring):
We usually acquire from retailer (to indicate retailer):
Do you think further questions can be necessary to complete this survey? Which ones?
Will you buy again our products?
Which are the models you import from us the most?
Model 1
Purchase date 1
Description 1
Rating 1
Model 2
Purchase date 2
Description 2
Rating 2
Model 3
Purchase date 3
Description 3
Rating 3
Model 4
Purchase date 4
Description 4
Rating 4
Model 5
Purchase date 5
Description 5
Rating 5
Model 6
Purchase date 6
Description 6
Rating 6
I declare to have read and understood the Privacy statement and authorize Cold Master to handle the personal data included in this form (art. 13 of Act Nr. 196/2003 – Law about the protection of personal data)
   I declare to have read and understood the procedure of handling of my personal data as per D.Lgs 196/03.


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